TANF Program

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a needs-based program for families with children under the age of 18 (or under the age of 19 if the child is in high school) who need financial assistance.

The TANF program can provide cash assistance, job preparation, and supportive services. The TANF program also vigorously pursues child support payments, which will be paid to the state.

TANF Programs in United States (State by State)

Alabama TANF Louisiana TANF Oklahoma TANF
Alaska TANF Maine TANF Oregon TANF
Arizona TANF Maryland TANF Pennsylvania TANF
Arkansas TANF Massachusetts TANF Rhode Island TANF
California TANF Michigan TANF South Carolina TANF
Colorado TANF Minnesota TANF South Dakota TANF
Connecticut TANF Mississippi TANF Tennessee TANF
Delaware TANF Missouri TANF Texas TANF
District of Columbia Montana TANF U.S. Territories TANF
Florida TANF Nebraska TANF Utah TANF
Georgia TANF Nevada TANF Vermont TANF
Hawaii TANF New Jersey TANF Virginia TANF
Idaho TANF New Mexico TANF Washington TANF
Illinois TANF New York TANF West Virginia TANF
Indiana TANF North Carolina TANF Wisconsin TANF
Iowa TANF North Dakota TANF Wyoming TANF
Kansas TANF New Hampshire TANF
Kentucky TANF Ohio TANF